Influenza Vaccination and COVID-19

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How to get vaccinated during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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When should I get the 2021 influenza vaccination?

The influenza (“flu”) vaccine is available from April onwards in 2021.

You should not get a flu vaccine on the same day as you get a COVID-19 vaccine. You should have at least 14 days between a flu vaccination and a COVID-19 vaccination.

In general, people who qualify for a COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1 of the rollout (either 1a or 1b) should receive their COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it is available to them, and talk with their healthcare provider about when to get the flu vaccination.

People eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in later phases of the rollout (phase 2 onwards) should have a flu vaccination as soon as it is available, and then  a COVID-19 vaccination when it is available to them (at least 14 days after the flu vaccination).

What happens if advice about COVID-19 vaccines changes?

If the advice for when the COVID-19 vaccination will be available to you changes, it is best to speak with your GP about when to receive your flu and COVID-19 vaccinations. They can provide advice about the timing of your flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccines based on your risk factors for severe illness, the latest national information, and the vaccines available at the time.

Where can I get the 2021 influenza vaccination?

Flu vaccines are available from GP’s and some Tasmanian pharmacies. Workplaces may choose to run flu vaccine programs in 2021. Vaccines provided by pharmacies must be privately purchased. The following people may get funded flu vaccine at GP’s;

  • Children aged from six months to less than five years
  • Everyone aged 65 years and over
  • Pregnant women at any stage in their pregnancy.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 6 months of age
  • People over 6 months of age with certain medical conditions (see Department of Health website below).

Where can I get more information?

Speak to your GP or practice nurse for advice about flu vaccines during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. You can also;